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Value For Money

We provide products that are affordable in the competitive weighing industry, without a compromise in quality.

Brand You Can Trust

Our brand, Micro, is a leading brand in the scale industry. Providing excellent quality products to help you with your weighing requirements.


Our confidence in what we do and the unrivaled services we provide stem from over 30 years experience in the weighing equipment sector.


“Líderes em Pesagem”

A Evolução das Balanças: De Ferramentas Antigas a Instrumentos de Precisão Modernos

August 4, 2023

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Compreender as balanças com Verificação Metrológica Legal: padrões europeus e garantia de precisão

June 29, 2023

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Featured Products

Explore our collection of featured scales, chosen to meet your weighing needs with precision and durability. From heavy-duty floor scales to versatile bench scales, each product in our lineup combines accurate weighing with robust construction.

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